Monday, May 3, 2010

Ch. 22

Answer the following questions in paragraph form. You will be asked these same questions as you podcast the answers. I will use your answers as trailers for next year's blog on this book with future third graders.

1. Which character do you most connect with? Gil, who is a natural leader and good at puzzles; Lavinia, who's extremely intelligent; Thorn, who's quiet and pampered, but wants to learn; Rocky, who's good at sports but somewhat brash; or Bianca, who's very girly and wants to be a model and on TV? Why?

2. Describe how Gil felt after winning the Games? Whould you have felt the same?

3. What would you do if you'd won the Gollywhopper Games?

4. Did you enjoy this book? Why?

5. What group of readers would enjoy this book?

Ch. 21

1. impropriety

1. Did you enjoy reviewing the different puzzles Gil experienced in this chapter?
2. What was your favorite puzzle? Why? Can you create one of your own?

Finish "Game In A Box". You will be graded on the following:
* Directions (bottom of box)
* Game - neat and organized
* Spinner - probability follows guide
* Answer Key (back of box)

Ch. 20

1. polliwog

1. If you were Gil, how would you feel after you saw Rocky beat you? Why?
2. Do you think Gill filled out the puzzle correctly?

Continue working on your "Game In A Box".

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ch. 19

1. exhilarating
2. corridor

1. Do you really think Rocky knows information about "The Incident".

Contine working on "Game in a Box". Your due date for this project is May 7th.

Ch. 18

1. doze
2. practical

1. Do you feel that Lavinia and Gil would have made a great team if it was just the two of them? Why? Use text support from the story.
2.How important are life skills to you? Examples: buying a container from a store, turning on the microwave, brushing your teeth, turning on the faucet to wash your hands, etc. How do you think Thorn feels about his sheltered lifestyle?

Continue working on your "Game in a Box".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ch. 17

1. sapphires

1. What context clues did you use to find out the meaning of sapphires on pg. 214?

Create the game pieces for your "Game In A Box". What Social Studies topic did you pick from this year?

Ch. 16

1. tousling:

1. At the end of the chapter, Gil's dad says, "So, like I said this morning, throw away the garbage, and go have fun!" What does that mean to you?
2. What would you do in Gil's shoes if Mr. Bert threatened to cheat in the bathroom?